• Baseball Catcher’s Training

    Long Islands Premier Catching Program
  • Baseball Catcher’s Training

    Long Islands Premier Catching Program
Cost: $895 Per Catcher
This clinic will be an intense, high energy 12 week pro style progression developed by our very own Seven Tool trainers. It will cover every single aspect of catching with our highly trained staff. It will be a mix of strategically picked training techniques from multiple different MLB organizations creating a top of the line progression that will translate to strong on field performance.


The Seven Tools Catching clinic is perfect to help develop your craft all winter long with all TWO HOUR SESSIONS, now including a full flexibility/mobility course ran by former Boston Red Sox strength coach!

Current/Former Professional pitchers will be invited to our pitchers day where they will speak to our catchers about the pitcher catcher relationship, as well as throw LIVE BULLPENS!

The program will also include a Pro, JUCO, D2, D3 SHOWCASE on where college coaches and professional scouts will roam the workout.

ECUA veteran umpire will also be invited down as well to discuss the extremely important umpire catcher relationship.

94% of our catchers improved their pop time and throwing velocity at last years winter clinic... Our methods WORK


9th-12th Graders


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