• Code of Conduct

    The Sports Arena Code of Conduct

The Sports Arena has adopted a Code of Conduct policy.

For any activity or event at The Sports Arena, it is everyone's responsibility to maintain the highest standards of conduct of themselves.  Failure to do so undermines the general enjoyment of youth/adult sports, the referee's authority and the integrity of the game resulting in an unnecessary hostile environment for players, referees, coaches, and parents/spectators. 

Abusive and obscene language, violent play/conduct, fighting and other behavior deemed detrimental to the game will not be tolerated. This policy applies before, during and after the event  - inside or outside of the facility. 

Coaches/Assistant Coaches

Coaches are expected to be supportive and acknowledge the effort, good play and sportsmanship on the part of ALL players from either team in a game. By example, coaches, are expected to show that although they are competing in a game, they have respect for their opponent, referees and spectators at all times. Conversely, opponents, referees and spectators are to show respect and good sportsmanship to coaches.

The Sports Arena will not tolerate negative behavior exhibited either by demonstrative actions and gestures, or by ill-intentioned remarks, including those addressed toward the referees or members of an opposing team. Coaches exhibiting hostile, negative, sarcastic or otherwise ill-intended behavior toward referees, opposing players or coaches will be subject to ejection and/or suspension. 

Coaches shall not interact directly or indirectly with the coaches or players of the opposing team during the game in any manner that may be construed as negative, hostile or sarcastic either by way of demonstrative actions and gestures or by ill intentioned remarks. Coaches are not to leave benches/sidelines for any reason during the game unless instructed to do so by an Official.

Coaches are not to address the Referee(s) in a distracting manner during the game except to point out emergency or safety issues.

NOTE: It is recommended that coaches or other team members do not engage in any conversation with the referee(s) once the game has concluded. All comments should be brought to the attention of the manager at the service desk.


Each player is expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.  Players who engage in misconduct may be ejected or suspended from events. In severe cases of unsporting behavior and violent conduct, players will receive long term disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from participation in any future event at The Sports Arena.


No parent/spectator shall enter the area of play (rink, basketball court, turf field) during the course of the game.  Doing so, regardless of the intention,  poses a threat to the officials and/or players.  A Penalty/Foul will be assessed to the team of the offending party and potential ejection by the offending party from the facility.

No parent/spectator shall negatively address the referee, coaches or the opposing team’s spectators in an unsportsmanlike manner at any time.

This includes, but is not limited to:

a.    Making derogatory comments to or about players, spectators or coaches of either team.

b.    Harrassment of referees or staff during or after the game.

c.    Yelling or other aggressive language including criticism, sarcasm, harassment and/or intimidation before, during or after the game.


If in the opinion of the League, an individual has conducted themselves in an excessively physical manner or unsportsmanlike way, and depending on the severity and repetitiveness of an offense(s), the following actions may/will be taken and not necessarily in the order as listed:

a.    A verbal warning to the offending party

b.    Game stopped and instruction for offending party to leave the facility

c.    Game stopped and abandoned (resulting in a forfeit for the offending parties team) if the offending party does not leave the facility

d.    Suspension of the offending party from all future events for a duration of time until an appropriate resolution has been taken to the satisfaction of The Sports Arena

e.    Suspension of the offending party from all future events indefinitely

If a player, parent/spectator, coach, assistant coach is suspended/banned by The Sports Arena he/she is not allowed to participate in or have any interaction with their team until they are reinstated