• Men’s Flag Football League

  • Men’s Flag Football League

  • Men’s Flag Football League



  • 10 game season plus playoffs
  • 6 vs. 6 players
  • Teams and/or free agents are welcome.  Free Agents are advised to register HERE and when the league is able to place you onto a team, we will contact you for payment
  • No contact league
  • Teams must use the league's flag system
  • Teams may use their own ball
  • Teams are required to wear matching shirts/jerseys with numbers on the back
  • Multiple skill divisions if feasible - Teams are placed in divisions by the league, not by request
  • Games will be played Tuesday or Thursday evenings, 8pm or later


18 & Over


  • $195 per player / includes all referee fees


  • Winter
  • Spring/Summer
  • Fall


  • Each team roster must include a minimum of 10 players by the team's first game. Failure to meet roster minimum will result in a $75 fee for each game until cost for minimum number of registered players has been met.
  • Roster additions cannot be made after the completion of game 5.


Spring Season 2024 - Deadline May 1
Register online or in person

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for missed games, including missed games due to late registration. No refunds will be made for suspensions or dismissal for cause. 

If a player is injured after the season has started and unable to play for the remainder of the season, a partial Store Credit will be issued based off the date of notification ONLY if the following is met:

The Sports Arena is notified by email to info@thesportsarena.net AND

A dated and signed physician’s note is provided which evidences a medical reason for the player's physical inability to return to play at any point of the season including playoffs