• Dek Hockey - College Division

Home from college? Want to play a full season before going to/back to college?


  • 10 Regular season games plus playoffs
  • 2024 Spring/Summer season will run from May 15th through August 17th (including playoffs)
  • Individuals & Full Teams are welcome


17-24 Years Old

Uniforms & Equipment

ALL team players are REQUIRED to have MATCHING jerseys with numbers on the back.  No duplicate numbers.  
Equipment: Street hockey helmet, shin guards, elbow pads, hockey gloves & hockey stick.
Goalies:  leg pads, goalie glove & blocker (no baseball mitts) chest protector & helmet.


Register Online
Deadline May 1

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for missed games, including missed games due to late registration. No refunds will be made for suspensions or dismissal for cause. 

If a player is injured after the season has started and unable to play for the remainder of the season, a partial Store Credit will be issued based off the date of notification ONLY if the following is met:

The Sports Arena is notified by email to info@thesportsarena.net AND

A dated and signed physician’s note is provided which evidences a medical reason for the player's physical inability to return to play at any point of the season including playoffs